Your subscription includes:

  • Deep Dive Into Subitizing Package - Value $199
  • Calendar Math Package - Value $99
  • Subitizing with Money Video Package - Value $99
  • Number Sense and Vocabulary Video Package - Value $99

Number Sense and Vocabulary Video Package

  • Valued at $99
  • Number Sense - Hands-on with Students
  • Math Vocabulary - Showcases Vocabulary known
  • Hands-on with Students and Teacher

Subitizing with Money Video Package

  • Valued at $99
  • Money Subitizing - May 17 Webinar Replay
  • Subitizing - Money vs Dot Flash - Step by Step Learning with Students
  • Money Subitizing Extension Video
  • Showcases the learning involved with subitizing both money and dots
  • Teacher instruction as well as students thinking and understanding

Deep Dive Into Subitizing Package

  • Valued at $199
  • Reproduce How To Video with these research-based subitizing activities
  • Five Frame Tell About How To Video
  • Hidden Patterns and Matching How To Video
  • Both printables and Smartboard files for the activity Five and Ten Frame Tell About
  • Note taking page, a slideshow and a couple of other connected freebie sheets.

Calendar Math Package:

  • Valued at $99
  • Showcases learning of calendar in a Grade 1 and Grade 3 classroom
  • Gain understanding of how to enhance your calendar math with your students
  • Includes two freebie sheets to help you with “pop up” math that students love

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